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Jubilee Celebrates History of German Churches in the USA

March 04, 2011

Halle (epd) This year, the "Franckesche Stiftungen" [Francke Foundations] of Halle commemorate the 300-year anniversary of the birth of theologian Heinrich Melchior Mühlenberg, who in the 18th century founded German Lutheran congregations in the British colonies of North America. Mühlenberg thus "had a marked impact on the history of German-American relations," the foundation announced on Friday.

Originally the spiritual care-taker of German emigrants to Pennsylvania, Mühlenberg (1711-1787) created a network of churches stretching from New York to Georgia. The highlight of the jubilee year will be the exhibition "Freedom, Progress and Promise: An exchange of views between Europe and North America since the early modern era," which opens on May 1 in the historical orphanage.

In addition, there will be a traveling exhibition in English and German to places closely tied to the life and works of Mühlenberg and to his descendants in the US whose names are still famous today, a spokesperson said. The stopping points in Germany, besides Halle, include Göttingen, Erfurt and Berlin. In the US, the show will travel to Houston, Atlanta and Washington.

Reports say that the jubilee year is sponsored by the US embassy in Germany, the German Foreign Office, the German embassy in the US, the consulate-general in Atlanta, the Lutheran church in the US and the Evangelical Church in Central Germany. The Franckesche Stiftungen were founded around 300 years ago upon the initiative of theologian and educator August Hermann Francke (1663-1727).

March 04, 2011



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