EKD-Bulletin 02/2003

2 - 2003

Mission - Development - Diaconia

Mission possible - enter your social adventure

New platform for communication with young people presented

It was during the year 2000. The Protestant Social Services in Germany started a campaign to communicate with young people under the name "Mission Possible". Following the action films with Tom Cruise, young people in particular should be encouraged to enter a dialogue on the Internet with the Protestant Social Services. The campaign ended in autumn 2000 after a period of six months in which several thousand users were registered. Now it is being revived as a national communication platform. The agency Publicis in Erlangen has designed an image that can be used in all the Protestant social service institutions in Germany if they want to come into contact with young people. The Bavarian Social Service Agency has made a start by publishing the brochure "Careers in Protestant Social Services" in which various training schemes are described with all essential information and addresses. Career opportunities in the social services will also be regularly advertised in the Bavarian Protestant weekly journal "Sonntagsblatt" in future.

A central element will be maintained on the Internet. From the end of June, young people can inform themselves about their "mission" and exchange information on social service themes at http://www.mission-possible.de/. Furthermore, a regular series is being planned on a private radio station. With the motto "Mission possible - enter your social adventure", this should allow young people to speak about their experiences and also to report their wishes to the Protestant social services. As well as the activities of the Bavarian Social Service Agency, there will also be products about the theme "Protestant Social Services and young people" in other regional associations. The Württemberg Social Service Agency is currently adjusting its publications for this target group to the platform mission-possible.de. And naturally the materials are available for members of the social services in Germany to present their own work - such as flyers or adverts.

For those interested, the brochure "Careers in Protestant Social Services" (Berufe der Diakonie) can be ordered free of charge from Diakonischen Werk Bayern, Fachbereich Kommunikation, Pirckheimerstrasse 6, 90408 Nürnberg, Germany, or by e-mail: info@diakonie-bayern.de



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