EKD-Bulletin 02/2003

2 - 2003

Mission - Development - Diaconia

Ecumenical Scholarship Programme

Now part of Evangelical Development Service

The Ecumenical Scholarship Programme (ÖSW) presently situated in Bochum is to become a part of the Evangelical Development Service (EED). For thirty years the ÖSW has offered an Ecumenical Scholarship Programme and a Preparatory College to support Church partners, non-governmental organisations and important church universities and colleges in developing countries in the qualification and training of their workers.

Since the start of its existence, the Ecumenical Centre has supported more than 1000 scholarship holders from Africa, Asia and Latin America, including 250 who received scholarships to study in developing countries. At the same time, the ÖSW promotes the extension of academic training courses in developing countries as a contribution to stemming the brain-drain effect.

According to the statistics of the ÖSW, many of the former scholarship holders currently have responsible positions in Churches, universities, development organisations and state institutions in their homelands and contribute consistently through their work to changes in policies and society. At the present time, 60 scholarship holders are studying in Germany, of which 25% are on training courses with a focus on development politics. Depending on the number of those completing their courses, about 20 new scholarship holders are accepted annually. Candidates who are to be sponsored are selected by Churches, National Christian Councils, Christian universities and non-governmental organisations, and are recommended for promotional-, further training- or complementary studies courses.

It is planned to move the Scholarship Programme to the Bonn Centre of the Evangelical Church Development Service in the autumn. As previously, close cooperation will continue with the scholarship department of the Evangelical Social Service Agency in Stuttgart. The Preparatory College for foreign students preparing for a university course will stay at the ÖSW campus in Bochum.



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