Grußworte (Auswahl)

3. Tagung der 10. Synode der EKD (Magdeburg, 7. - 12. Nov. 2004)

Grußwort der Konferenz Europäischer Kirchen

Revd Dr Keith Clements, General Secretary

11. November 2004

Grußwort der Konferenz Europäischer Kirchen

Dear Präses Rinke,

It is with much regret that I have to inform you that it is not possible for me to attend the Synod of the EKD in Magdeburg, 7-12 November 2004. It would have been a great pleasure to have represented the Conference of European Churches (CEC) on this important occasion.

In the KEK we cherish the long and continually deepening relationship with the EKD and its constituent churches. The support - not just financial but also in terms of human resources and active participation - that we receive from Germany for ecumenical work in Europe is outstanding. This year, it was a great privilege for the KEK Presidium to meet at the EKD headquarters in Hanover and also to have a most useful encounter with the Council of the EKD at the conclusion of our meetings. In turn, we were very pleased to receive the chairperson of the EKD Council, Bishop Dr. Wolfgang Huber, on his visit to the ecumenical organisations in Geneva in September this year. Doubtless the four representatives of the EKD on CEC Central Committee - Bishop Dr. Margot Käßmann, OKRin Antje Heider-Rottwilm, OKRin Cordelia Kopsch and Ms Almut Bretschneider-Feltzmann - will be able to give you updated information on developments in the life of CEC.

The theme of your Synod in Hanover, "Generations" will doubtlessly give much stimulus to addressing the challenges of maintaining both continuity and necessary change in the life of churches, of society and of ecumenical bodies too. In the CEC we are fully conscious how at this point we must remain in closest dialogue with our member churches, as we ourselves review our orientation and structures in response to a rapidly changing world.

We are sharing fully in the discussions about the "reconfiguration" of the ecumenical movement although we would prefer the term "re-visioning" since this takes us more deeply into considering what the actual purpose of the ecumenical movement is, and its spiritual and theologcial basis.

Please convey these sentiments and warm greetings to all who gather at Magdeburg, in the sincere hope that we may hear of and receive encouraging outcomes from the Synod which will be enriching also to the wider ecumenical fellowship in Europe.

With all good wishes,
Yours in Christ,

Revd Dr Keith Clements
General Secretary

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