February 2, 2015

Lawyer, statesman, Protestant. Richard von Weizsäcker

He witnessed almost one century of German history - and helped to shape it. Richard von Weizsäcker held several offices in German Protestantism over decades and provided stimulating input as a committed and inconvenient Protestant.


January 18, 2015

Week of prayer for Christian unity prepared from Brazil. epd__danilo-ramos_Wasserkna

Today marks the start of the international Week of Prayer for Christian Unity for 2015 with the theme "Give me a drink". The materials for the prayers and worship services have been prepared by Christian churches in Brazil. Water is in short supply in South America - even the metropolis São Paulo could soon dry up. Apart from misguided planning, experts blame the deforestation of the rain forest for the drought.


January 16, 2015

First military chaplain to go to Ebola-stricken area . Andreas-Christian Tübler

It could be risky but he is not afraid: military chaplain Andreas-Christian Tübler (57) trusts in the rules of hygiene and in divine protection as he goes to the Ebola region in West Africa. The first German military chaplain to be posted to this area, he will spend five weeks mainly doing pastoral walk among aid workers from Germany and the region.

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Reformation anniversary

The Reformation of Martin Luther and other prominent theologians of the early 16th century have not only brought up the evangelical churches but also a new era of history. The 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 will be a prominent event to deepen the awareness of the importance of this historical change.

Reformation anniversary: Luther 2017


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