1 August 2014

Commemoration of the World War with a minute's silence and services of worship. edi_2014_08_01_120kriegsgra

In numerous events over the next few days churches will commemorate the beginning of the First World War exactly 100 years ago.  A Europe-wide observation of one minute's silence is planned for Friday 1 August at 12.00.   The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) has issued an invitation to a central service of worship to be held on Sunday in Elsass at Gunsbach near Colmar. 


22 July 2014

Transformation. Sustainability. Church. 20140715_apk120

At almost exactly the same time as the victorious German football team landed in Berlin on 15 July 2014, there also arrived eighty-six pastors from German-speaking congregations around the world.  They were heading for the Ministries Abroad Conference.  Time was spent over the four days listening to speeches, engaging in discussions, attending workshops and in peer counselling.


07 July2014

Ecumenism in dialogue. Members of the Delegations

Delegates from the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF) and the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) met in Berlin cathedral for an exchange on questions of church life.


African churches call for prayers of intercession for the victims of Ebola. Schwaetzer: "bands of murderers" in Iraq should be stopped by using force if necessary. Church President Schad: Celebrate the Reformation Anniversary as a joint Christ-Festival . EKD-President condemns "horrendous crimes" in Iraq . Solidarity with Dutch churches over Malaysia Airlines disaster. WCC expresses sorrow at loss of life in Malaysia Airlines disaster over Ukraine.

Press Releases

Protestant churches join in commemoration.

Centenary of the First World War: central service of worship in Gunsbach

30 July 2014

Exhortation to non-violence.

EKD Council issues a statement on the centenary of the beginning of the first World War

21 July 2014

Exhortation for a vigilant conscience.

Military Bishop Rink remembers 20 July 1944

18 July 2014

Church of England backs women bishops.

EKD Synod president Irmgard Schwaetzer welcomes decision of General Synod

17 July 2014

"Looking away is not an option".

On World Refugee Day Protestant and Catholic churches in Germany appeal for assistance to Syrian refugees

19th June 2014

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Reformation anniversary

The Reformation of Martin Luther and other prominent theologians of the early 16th century have not only brought up the evangelical churches but also a new era of history. The 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 will be a prominent event to deepen the awareness of the importance of this historical change.

Reformation anniversary: Luther 2017


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