Administrative work

The EKD's administrative work is carried out at its central office, the Church Office, in Hannover. The Constitution describes its functions as follows:

The Church Office is the official place of business for the Council. The Church Office carries out the administrative work of the EKD and manages the day-to-day affairs of the Council in accordance with church legislation and the guidelines and instructions of the Council. The Church Office is especially responsible for assisting the Synod and the Church Conference in fulfilling their tasks ..., functioning as a secretariat and acting as the executive office for the advisory commissions and boards ..."

The Church Office is divided into three main divisions. A division is higher than a department and we have 8 departments within 3 divisions: 

  • Administration, Legal Matters and Finance
  • Church Life, Public Responsibility and Education
  • Ecumenical Relations and Global Ministries

In their turn these main departments are divided into a total of eight departments with a varying number of desks in each. Some special areas do not fall under any of the main departments, but are directly under the President of the Church Office, such as the Press Office/Public Relations Desk and the Desk for Equal Opportunities.

The EKD Church Office is headed by an Executive Group chaired by the President of the Church Office. The members of this body are the heads of the departments and permanent guests (without the right to vote).