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The Evangelical Church in Germany is a federation of 20 independent Lutheran, Reformed and United regional churches in the Federal Republic of Germany. Each of the regional churches is governed by its synod, by the theologians (mostly titled "bishops") elected by the synod, by regional church offices and other managing bodies. Synods consist of professional and honorary members. On behalf of the regional church, they take decisions concerning all areas of church life. The regional churches maintain numerous contacts with other churches in Germany and abroad.

In 1945, the regional churches joined together in the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), comprising the member churches of the EKD. Due to historically grown structures, the borders of regional churches and federal states sometimes differ considerably. Most regional churches are also members of one of the two denominational federations: the Union of Evangelical Churches in the EKD (UEK) or the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany (VELKD).

Regional churches belonging to the EKD, the UEK, and the VELDK:

Regional churches belonging to the EKD and the UEK:

Regional churches belonging to the EKD and the VELKD:

Regional churches belonging to the EKD only: