North America

Immigrants from Europe and from Germany in particular brought the Protestant churches with them to North America. The fragmentation of Protestantism according to the ethnic and linguistic origins of immigrants and the existence of many different denominations characterises church history in North America.

Today, the EKD sends pastors to only four German-speaking congregations in Ottawa, Toronto, New York and Washington. It maintains relations with a number of other German-speaking congregations through the German Evangelical Lutheran Conference in North America (

The EKD has established church partnerships with the Lutheran churches in the USA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - ELCA) and Canada (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada - ELCIC). Through its North America desk the EKD also facilitates the relationship of full communion (Kirchengemeinschaft) that exists between the United Church of Christ in the USA (UCC) and United and Reformed member churches of the EKD.

German-speaking congregations in America